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U.S. Military Special Operators are working in Yemen…….

This one goes in the ……’I’m note surprised’ column….

The Dog….wondered out loud….. a while ago here….. that in all probability…… U.S. Special Operations Units (Green Berets, Delta’s and Navy Seal’s along with  Air force and Marines Special Ops people also) were probably ‘doing their thing’ in Yemen…….

Turns out the Dog wasn’t far off the mark…….

The operations, approved by President Obama and begun six weeks ago, involve several dozen troops from the U.S. military’s clandestine Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), whose main mission is tracking and killing suspected terrorists. The American advisers do not take part in raids in Yemen, but help plan missions, develop tactics and provide weapons and munitions.* Highly sensitive intelligence is being shared with the Yemeni forces, including electronic and video surveillance, as well as three-dimensional terrain maps and detailed analysis of the al-Qaeda network.

As part of the operations, Obama approved a Dec. 24 strike against a compound where a U.S. citizen, Anwar al-Aulaqi, was thought to be meeting with other regional al-Qaeda leaders. Although he was not the focus of the strike and was not killed, he has since been added to a shortlist of U.S. citizens specifically targeted for killing or capture by the JSOC, military officials said. The officials, like others interviewed for this article, spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the operations.

If one follow’s the movement of the bad guys around the Middle East……the path will lead to Yemen and Somali….no doubt…..When the Under states set up an African Command a year or so ago…you knew the spot light was turning on the movement of terroists…..from Iraq to Aftghanistan…..to Yemen…to Somali and points South in Africa…..

The President who has been criticized for his response to terrorism has authorized the United States Military to seek terroists…even American born ones wherever they go…..and to capture or neutralize them…..

And so President Obama  continue’s the hunt started after 9/11 by President Bush to persecute those wishing to inflict harm on Americans….here or abroad…..

Will it ever end?

The link for the story…..

* The Dog does not believe this statement for one second…they go…..bet on it!…...

This is from the same people who told us….. American troops were not on the ground...yea…sure!

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