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The U.S. Marines are leaving Iraq……..

In a acknowledgement that things are finally moving back to some sort of normalacy…..where thew Iraqi’s have assumed  control over their country…….The U.S. Marines have turned over their mission to the U.S. Army in Baghdad and Anwar Province…and are closing their war operation in the country……Marines will still stand guard at the U.S. Embassy and diplomatic sites…but the combat forces will be gone within a few months…..

This comes on the heels of the report that there where no combat deaths of U.S. soldiers in the country in December and total of around 151 combat deaths for the 2009 year period…..

I know that a lot of people will not accept this statemenet…..but….The ‘Surge’ worked…along General Petraeus’ change in tactic’s in sending the troops back into the local neighborhoods to convince the mullahs’ by words and deeds to join in fighting the bad guys….instead of using guns and bullets.…..

The Army will begin cutting down to 50,000 troops shortly……

And has worked to bolster the Iraq Army, and its slowly rejuvenated Air Force…..

While Obama has pledged to have all combat troops out of the country by 2011 ( 6 months before the 2012 elections)…the Dog believes that…. in the end….it doesn’t matter what they call them…the United States will maintain at least  30, 000 troops, advisers or trainers in the country, for a long time after 2011, to insure things don’t slip back out of control………

Note:…..Vice President Biden is currently in Iraq…The Vice President  held talks with Iraqi leaders amid rising tensions over plans to ban election candidates because of suspected links to Saddam Hussein’s regime.

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