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Virginia votes to block any Healthcare Law effects for its citizens…..

This is plain silly…..

These people know this is just for show…. since Federal Law supersedes state law on this issue….

What are they gonna do ……quit the union?

Virginia’s General Assembly has become the first state legislature to approve a measure that would block any federal efforts to institute health care reform.

The legislation passed, 80-17, Wednesday in the House of Delegates, after having already made it through the Senate. The bill now heads to the desk of Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, who has promised to sign it, The Associated Press reported.

Supporters say the move preserves Virginia’s sovereignty, but the legality of such legislation is under question since federal laws generally supersede those of states.

“We never gave Washington the power to force us to buy any products of any kind,” Del. Charles Poindexter told Richmond’s CBS News affiliate. “Insurance is a product. They’re saying I have to buy insurance.”

The Assembly is controlled by Republicans but 21 of 39 Democrats backed the bill.

Thirty-four other state legislatures have filed or proposed similar measures rejecting mandated health insurance, according to the AP.

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SE on 2013 Governor races!…….

From SE…………

Here’s an early take on the 2013 Gubernatorial races:

New Jersey: Incumbent GOP Governor Chris Christie is running for re-election. Potential candidates for the Democrats are Newark Mayor Corey Booker, Congressmen Rob Andrews, John Adler, Frank Pallone, Steve Rothman, Rush Holt, and Albio Sires, State Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver, State Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Cryan, State Assembly Speaker Pro-Tempore Jerry Green, State Senate President Steve Sweeney, and State Assembly Majority Conference Leader Joan M. Quigley. At this stage of the game, this is a TOSSUP.

Virginia: Incumbent GOP Governor Bob McDonnell is term-limited. Potential candidates for the Republicans are Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, former Governor and former US Senator George Allen, former Governor Jim Gilmore, former Counselor to President Bush Ed Gillespie, and Congressmen Rob Wittman, Randy Forbes, Bob Goodlatte, and Eric Cantor. Potential candidates for the Democrats are State Treasurer Braxton Powell, Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner, Congressmen Glenn Nye, Bobby Scott, Tom Perriello, Jim Moran, Rick Boucher, and Gerry Connolly, State Delegate Brian Moran, former DNC Chairman Terry McCauliffe, and former US Senator Chuck Robb. Considering the fields of candidates, I rate this a TOSSUP.

SE 779

Cory Booker in New Jersey , huh SE?

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The Democrats convice Boucher (D -Vir-09) to run again in Virginia……

From MyDD.com….

The National Republican Congressional Committee has been trying to get 14-term incumbent Rick Boucher (D, VA-09) to retire, but he disappointed them today:

“I am planning to seek reelection. I have given no consideration to retiring,” Boucher said in a statement Wednesday. “While I never make political announcements this early in the year, due to the press inquires we are receiving, it is time to remove any doubt anyone has about my intentions.”

Holding this R+11 district would be a challenge if the seat opened up, but most election forecasters don’t expect Boucher to have any trouble.

If Republicans do recruit a prominent challenger to run for this seat, Boucher’s vote for the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act last June will probably become a major issue in the campaign. Coal interests are big employers in Boucher’s district. He backed the climate change bill aftersecuring amendments to make sure that coal usage would continue to grow between now and 2020 even if the bill became law.

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Democrats go negative in VA and NJ……………

It’s close to crunch time in the races for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia……..and the democrats are getting worried…….So they have gone negative in a big way in both races……….Corzine is pushing Christie’s traffic tickets and the granting of contracts while he was the US Attorney…..Deeds has latched on some writings of McDonnell from the past. Corzine is within striking distance and New Jersey has come back to the democrats for the last decade…so he has a good chance to squeak thru. Deeds on the other hand has turned out to be a terrible campaigner and has lost votes steadily………so much for the GOP being rolled.

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