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China has a Labor Problem……

The moves at Honda to increase wages and better working conditions have gown in intensity and size to other area’s and industries in the country…..

This will surely result in higher prices for Chinese made goods…..

Unrest …in any form has to make the worlds economies uneasy….

And this labor wave seems to be much larger than initially reported….

Also……With the size of it economy….

And number of people in its country….

China cannot afford a unstablitly in its employment………

Which could have political ramifications….

In Zhangshan, in southeastern China, about 1,700 workers at a Honda Lock factory, which makes locks and keys for Honda Motors, staged an unusual march through the city streets Friday morning, according to media reports and labor activists. The workers walked off the job Wednesday, demanding more pay and the right to elect their own union representatives — a direct affront to China’s official union, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

Two other Honda plants in Guangdong province remain idle because of work stoppages.

Meanwhile, the unrest spread to China’s other main industrial base in the Yangtze River Delta, when 2,000 workers at a Taiwanese computer parts plant walked off their jobs in Shanghai’s Pudong district.

In Kunshan city, in Jiangsu, just outside Shanghai, workers striking at a Taiwanese-owned rubber factory earlier this week clashed with police who tried to break up their protest. Workers this week also walked off the job at a Japanese industrial sewing machine plant in Xian and at a Taiwanese sporting goods factory in Jiujiang, in Jiangxi province.

Various economists, labor experts and activists said there were many more strikes and work stoppages rolling across China, but the unrest remained largely unreported in the country’s strictly controlled state-run media.

“It’s everywhere. And all kinds of enterprises,” said Xu Xiaonian, an economics and finance professor at the China Europe International Business School. “It’s not confined to multinationals and joint ventures. And not just the South — everywhere.


Note…..We posted here several months ago that China was on the cusp of serious political problems due to the countries government need to keep people working and busy……and out of trouble….

We’ll see what happens…

The Chinese government tends to react harshly when threatened…..

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