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Wanna Know Wednesday 2.10.10…from Up 4 Discussion….

From JSin……

It’s Wanna Know Wednesday!

With Valentine’s Day coming up in a few days, this Wednesday we wanna know how men and women feel about celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Some women expect the works when Valentine’s Day comes around.

Some men believe that women make too big of a deal about Valentine’s Day.

Some people believe love and affection outweigh the need for gifts onValentine’s Day.

There countless amounts of opinions and feelings toward Valentine’s Day.  What are YOURS?

Take the Poll at the site….here’s the link…..


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Wanna Know Wednesday 2.3.10….at Up 4 Discussion…..

From Jsin @ Up 4 Discussion……

Welcome to Wanna Know Wednesday!!!

This Wednesday the focus is on FIRST DATE SEX!

Are you a fan?

Have you experienced it or do you want to?

Do you think it’s completely wrong?

Whatever your thoughts or feelings may be…please share.

As always, answer the poll question & leave a comment explaining your thoughts, feelings, etc. on first date sex.

Lastly, if you find this topic even the least bit interesting, share this post with your friends, family, co-workers or even complete strangers! THANKS!!!

Which of the following describes YOUR feelings toward FIRST DATE SEX?
Yeah, I’ve done it…and I LOVE it!I’ve tried it, but it’s not something I’d do again.Right person, right time, right place, right feeling…ONLY way it’s happening!Haven’t experienced in yet, but I want to.I would NEVER have first date sex!YUCK! I can’t believe people do that.

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Wanna Know Wednesday 1.27.10….from Up 4 Duscussion…..

From JSin……

Welcome to Wanna Know Wednesday!!!

This Wednesday we Wanna Know all about REVENGE!

Have you ever been in a situation where you were wronged and you had a choice to make?

A choice of whether to FORGIVE or REVENGE!

If you’ve experienced a moment such as this share it.

Answer the poll question & leave a comment describing the situation you were in and what your ultimate choice was!

Also, enjoy this video showcasing some cheaters vengeance:

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Wanna Know Wednesday @ Up 4 Discussion……Should friends date each others exes?

Damn JSin….are you crazy?

I just voted…..No frigging way….nope…nadda ….negatory…..JSin??????

Here’s the Link.…….

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