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Wall Street Journal presents a leaked outline of the war request by Gen McChrystal…….

The Wall Street Journal has printed a pretty detailed piece today describing the basic points of General McChrystal request and recommendations to the Commander in Chief…….

Among the most interesting information is the fact that there is a request for three different levels of troops…….

A) 40,000

B) 60,000

C) None

McChrystal is reported to want to go with choice A, 40,000 troops……but there is a BIG BUT here….according to a review of the General’s plans ……the Army, and Marines would have significant problems in getting that many troops in-country, as soon as the General has reported they are needed for a ‘surge’……..In, addition, McChrytal’s aim would be to deny  al Qaeda, and the Taliban access to Afghanistan…..the White House may be content with just keeping al Qaeda out of the country, and finding a middle ground with the Taliban……

While McCrystal is a warrior, concerned with his troops, and objective…the CIC has to deal with the political component of the campaign…And since he has publicly said he won’t leave, and he won’t cut the number of troops …he really doesn’t have many options left………McCrystal is emphatic that the current troop level will not hold ground…Units are being overrun in the boonies, and are being cut back …….

Also…while Obama is holding his sessions …Hillary  Clinton, the Secretary of State, is holding hers…Seeking to identify the role for the State Department and civilians…Unlike during the Condi Rice period, in which State Department actions in Iraq consisted of sending staff home, leaving Sec of Defense Gates to fill those spots in with badly needed military assets……..

In the end the Army and the Marines would be able to move between 11,000 to 15,000 troops in country by the end of the year and another 20,000 by next July….…Finally, the movement of troops into the country is accompanied by a serious deficiency in helicopters, and contrary to this piece, a problem with Iraq ‘dialed in’ vehicles that are useless in Afghanistan’s terrible roads…….

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