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Warren Buffett: ‘Trickle Down’ Theory Hasn’t Worked….


Warren Buffett

Billionaire Warren Buffett said that the Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire for the richest Americans and that the “trickle down” economic theory hasn’t worked.

“If anything, taxes for the lower and middle class and maybe even the upper middle class should even probably be cut further,” Buffett told ABC News in an interview set to air later this week. “But I think that people at the high end — people like myself — should be paying a lot more in taxes. We have it better than we’ve ever had it.”


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AIG and Breakstone both post profits……..

AIG, the ailing insurance giant that you and me bailed out, along with Warren Buffets’ Breakstone Corp have posted profits, folks……..with the market coming back, expect more of this…..just one thing…..We all expect the government to make its money and interest back from the AIG’s and banks that got loans………

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