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The Special Ops War between the SOCOM and the CIA in Afghanistan and Pakistan….Part 3

The Dog has written two pieces on the Special Ops war in Afghanistan and Pakistan…..

Part 1 Here………….….and Part 2 Here………….

We have Part 3 which clears the Forest from th Tree’s….

In   a piece in the Atlantic….Marc Ambinder flushes out why Part 1 and 2 ended up ….

The issue is …..The CIA has been given Carte Blanche to operate in Afghanistan to hunt and kill bad guys……The Military does not….

The orignal orders came from Theatre Commander Patreaus from US CEntral Command/CENTCOM

US Special Operators ROE’s* require them to phone home for clearance……

While Ambinder writes that Greg Miller of the Washington Post had an exclusive on the Issue…..

The Dog has been following the issue in two pieces in the New York Times that I have posted up by Mark Mazzetti……

Ambinder goes on to point out that the info in the WashPost and NY Times seem to be systemic leaks by the Special Operations Command/SOCOM ) military complaining about the arrangement that gives the CIA free rein to ‘deal with’ anyone on a approved ‘bad guy’ list and the US service Special Ops teams have to ‘call it in’….

No of course Ambinder relates there is a political Bullshit line that US Troops don’t operate in Pakistan…..So ofcourse the way around that is make sure the people operating in- Country are CIA Operators…NOT Military Operators….

Mazzetti goes into a bit about is the all this stuff legal…..And the Dog points out that the reporter puts in the the Generals prosecuting the war don’t mind getting the ‘takes’ info …no matter where it comes from…..and no one really wants the thing to stop…so the legal question really isn’t an issue…the whole thing works……

Ambinder goes on to confirm that contrary to earlier times…The Paksitanis ARE working with the US and get real time feeds from Prator drones…

When the drones find stuff the Pakistanis get it, SOCOM gets it…..and yes the CIA  intel teams get it…..The difference is the CIa teams can act on it…the SOCOM teams have to again…’phone home’…..

SOCOM’s operators are very much on the periphery of the shooting in Pakistan. They have much freer reign in Afghanistan. But even there, they’re being constrained by the intelligence they receive, and most of the human tips come from the CIA, or are laundered through the CIA’s relationships with foreign intelligence organizations.
SOCOM is not questioning the effectiveness of the drone program. What they want is encapsulated in these paragraphs:

U.S. Special Operations teams in Afghanistan have pushed for years to have wider latitude to carry out raids across the border, arguing that CIA drone strikes do not yield prisoners or other opportunities to gather intelligence. But a 2008 U.S. helicopter raid against a target in Pakistan prompted protests from officials in Islamabad who oppose allowing U.S. soldiers to operate within their country. The CIA has the authority to designate and strike targets in Pakistan without case-by-case approval from the White House. U.S. military forces are currently authorized to carry out unilateral strikes in Pakistan only if solid intelligence were to surface on any of three high-value targets: al-Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, or Taliban chief Mohammad Omar. But even in those cases, the military would need higher-level approval.

Read that carefully. The regular special operations forces have less authority to target … targets than the CIA, a strategic intelligence gathering agency, … IN A WAR. That’s the embedded news in the piece. SOCOM is trying to send a message to policy-makers and the public: they’ve got the capacity to help a lot more then they are helping, and they’re being hamstrung by legal authorities that don’t make sense to them. One point of the joint task force concept embraced by the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and SOCOM is to crowd out the CIA’s paramilitary operations in the Af-Pak war theater.


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Twitter loses it count feature for a few …….

Did you notice your twitter’s count disappear  for w while today ?(May 11th )……

Twitter users might have felt a little devalued earlier this afternoon when their “following” and “follower” counts mysteriously reset to zero. As the latter number is the primary way people on the popular status-update-sharing site keep score — it indicates how many other Twitter users see your updates when they log on — seeing that vanish could have been distressing. (The former number indicates how many other people’s updates you follow, and most people pay far less attention to it.)

Thumbnail image for twitter_logo_outline.png

The root cause of the hiccup was the discovery by some sneaky users of the San Francisco-based site of an old bug that let them force other users to follow them. That could allow for a fair amount of mischief, so Twitter management shut off its follow functions to close that vulnerability and posted a brief note on the site’s status blog to that effect:

We identified and resolved a bug that permitted a user to “force” other users to follow them. We’re now working to rollback all abuse of the bug that took place. Follower/following numbers are currently at 0; we’re aware and this too should shortly be resolved.

Within an hour or so, the site was back to normal……

More……..……. from Rob Pegoraro over @ Faster Forward as the Washington Post……

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Charlie Crist believes in himself and his way…..

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio, his GOP challenger for a U.S. Senate seat, on

[ Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio, his GOP challenger for a U.S. Senate seat, on “Fox News Sunday.” ]

We political junkies can’t understand it…….

Charlie Crist just got ran over by the Marco Rubio train…..

And yet Crist keeps on…..

Never seeming to be angry, scared…..or tired…..

What gives?

E.J. Dionne from the Washington Post does a piece on Charlie Crist …..the man…which looks at him up close and finds a man at peace with himself and his belief that  he is doing the best job he can for ALL FLORIDIANS…not just the Republicans, Democrats , not the Right, the Left or the Middle….but ALL….

You know it is rare to see this in a politician…..

I recently asked Daniel why do they list public officials party FIRST …then their state?

You know if I was down there I’d be giving Charlie Crist a good second look…..

He deserves it…..

Rarely have polls swung so sharply. Last May, one survey found Crist with a 37-point lead on Rubio. Early last month, a poll showed Rubio with a 34-point advantage.

Yet in an interview after the news conference, Crist seemed content, his smile as warm as ever. He said he enjoyed hisdebate with Rubio on Fox News last Sunday. He used the encounter to call attention to a joint St. Petersburg Times-Miami Herald investigative report on Rubio’s alleged private use of funds from two political committees he controlled.

“The more people hear about the reality of Marco Rubio instead of the idea of Marco Rubio, they don’t like what they see,” Crist told me, adding that he was not worried that going on the attack might clash with his nice-guy image. “I always enjoy telling the truth.” And there is at least some evidence in the most recent polls that it’s now Rubio’s turn to come back to Earth. One showed Crist within 11 points, though others showed a gap in the 20- to 25-point range.

There is probably no politician in the country who has suffered more than Crist from the collapse of Obama’s standing among Republicans. Early last year, Crist’s buoyant moderation — “He’s the sunny side of conservatism,” said Greg Truax, Crist’s campaign chair in Hillsborough County — looked the perfect GOP antidote to an Obama who stood astride the political landscape.

Crist was almost alone among members of his party in endorsing the president’s stimulus plan last year. He appeared with Obama at a pro-stimulus rally — and he hugged him. It was the hug that launched a thousand attacks, the visual backdrop for Rubio’s charge that Crist would not stand up to the president.

The Dionne piece…..

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Barbara Bush hospitalized in Texas…..

FILE - In this Oct. 3, 2008 file photo, former first lady Barbara Bush speaks at a dedication ceremony for the George and Barbara Bush Center at the University of New England, in Biddeford, Maine. A family spokeswoman says former first lady Barbara Bush has been hospitalized in Houston, Saturday, March 27, 2010, to undergo routine tests, though doctors don't suspect anything serious. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

From the Washington Post..…..

The Associated Press
Sunday, March 28, 2010; 1:03 PM

HOUSTON — Former first lady Barbara Bush remains hospitalized in Houston, where she’s undergoing what a family spokeswoman describes as routine tests.

Spokeswoman Jean Becker said Sunday that Bush has not been diagnosed with anything and doctors aren’t looking for anything specific.

Former President George H.W. Bush drove his wife to Methodist Hospital on Saturday morning. Becker said earlier that the former first lady hadn’t been feeling well for about a week, and doctors suggested she “undergo a battery of tests.”

Mrs. Bush underwent heart surgery in March 2009, for a severe narrowing of the main heart valve. She also was hospitalized in November 2008, when she underwent surgery perforated ulcer.

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FOX and MSNBC take their hits…and add viewers and ad revenue……

Like it or not Americans like their news slanted towards their views.….While the impartial media outlets go on…the partisan ones increase their viewership at the others expense…hype and rhetoric rule the day, in the end, eh?

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Russia anyone?……a media look……

I’ve found this section in the Washington Post that offers an eye on all things Russian…..I like this  part about Aftghanistan…..

The WestDoes Russia’s Dirty Work For The First Time

Sergei Markedonov, Vremya Novostei

The project ofbringing democracy to Afghanistan has so far failed. Not oneof the intractable problems on the Afghan agenda has been resolved since the NATO operation began. However, Russia should not be happy with the United States’ failure, especially since they have agreed to reset bilateral relations.

Afghanistan is exerting substantial influence on the political situation in Russia. Drugs from Afghanistan are invading Russia, and the countryborders three Central Asian members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Russia should be aware of the danger of a powerful Islamic front on its border.

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The Washington Post changes sides…..show cases the fact that McChrystal has backing from the troops……

The Washington Post has for the past week been a vessel carrying administration handlers leaks and whispers crossing Afghanistan Commanding Officer, General Stanley McChrystal’s campaign to get more troops for his theatre of action…they have published articles and opinions to the effect that the general should be a good solider and send in his request, and then go sit in the corner and wait until he’s called…..

That hasn’t worked this time…. ever mindful of the fact that Gen. Eric Shinseki told his bosses what to do up front, and got dissed, and then caned for it…McChrystal has not backed way from expressing his views on what he needs to do the job……he has not challenged the CIC in anyway…he has just given……what his boss asked for…..a plan…

I had to chuckle that the Washington Post would carry this story, about the supprt the general was shown at a convention in Washington DC this week,  given the fact that they have been giving McChrystal nothing but grief  for the past week……

Mindful of

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Who are these people!!!

He, he, he…..this from Polticalwire on the invisible sources in the administration…….

October 06, 2009

Extreme Anonymity

Glenn Greenwald dissects a Washington Post article by Anne Kornblut and lists the sources for the article — every one of them — in the order she cites them:

“Obama aides pointed… administration officials said… a senior administration official said… officials said… a senior administration official said… senior Obama officials stressed… a senior administration official said… aides said… officials said… one senior administration official said… one senior official said… The official said… a senior administration official said… a senior administration official said… administration officials said… a senior official said.”

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The battle between the White House and the General…….

The story for the past few days in the media (particularly the Washington Post) has been between General McChrystal and the White House (not the President)…I predicted that this would occur and it has arrived right on time…….

When Obama picked McChrystal…he told everybody he liked the general and he though he was a good choice…The administration then hiked General David Patreaus up to the command of the entire Middle East and put McChrystal in charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan…the general he replaced was deemed to timed, and not effective in thinking outside the box……well you know the saying..”be careful for what you wish for”…….

Let me remind people and point out that……In Stanley McCrystal, the Commander-In-Chief got what he asked for…….A tough, flexible , game and war fighter that gone on to think outside the box and come up with plan for the CIC to execute to try to win a military campaign…..

The crying and political genuflecting was inevitable because the general followed orders and gave what he was asked for……if there is any problem with the outcome, it is that the general did NOT play politics with his answer……Another reminder…Remember Rumsfeld’s action plan for the invasion of Iraq?…...NOT ENOUGH TROOPS…..NOT FOLLOWING THE POWELL DOCTRINE of OVERWHELMING FORCE……

This general is gonna sleep good every night cause he didn’t back up going in…I remember all the hand wringing after the whole Iraq campaign turned sour because there was NOT ENOUGH TROOPS…..Not this time!….This general has laid down a marker…And is sticking to the US Army’s credo of Honesty…..

Something else I gotta say here….McCrystal has asked for combat troops and non combat troops and civilians to help build up Afghanistan as a country, since it  is arguably one of the poorest countries on earth, with whole area’s looking like a throw back to middle ages with ‘sand people’.

Now since the President’s Press Secretary has let it be know that the United States and NATO aren\’t walking away from the place……there simply isn’t any other solution other than giving General McCrystal what he wants……We tried the ‘light’ thing in the beginning of Iraq…it didn’t work……give the guy his manpower and support…..Damn the ego’s and political blood-letting from the president’s handler’s…..


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McChrystal doesn’t give an inch…….

While the President works his way thru policy meetings on the grand strategy for Afghanistan…and  Pakistan…The commander in charge of the AFPAK region goes on….Steadily asking for more troops and resources, and fighting the war, on two fronts…..

He is overseeing the campaign in country….And his commanders are pushing hard on the ground…which has resulted in ground gaining but, US and Allied troops are running into a determined enemy, that has caused a spike in causalities. McChrystal is worried that his gains will slip away if he doesn’t get more troops to hold ground…..And so the general has become engaged in a second front….

McChrstal is now also in a campaign to get more troops……and more resources to rebuild Aftganhistan……make no mistake about it., this is the second front…..The  for at the Pentagon is over…the General and  Admirals are behind him, So is Joint Chief Mullen, and  it appears that Defense Sec. Gates is backing him also…….. Congress is probably not gonna be a hard sell, since there have been leaks to the press, that the CIC will have to get help on funding the ‘surge’, from the Republicans……

My advice to McChrystal would be to watch the White House…….That ‘s the mine field….Experience tells me that there are going to be people over there that will resent, and not forget the general’s moves to get the President ( McChrystal’s CIC ) on board his push for the surge (which is gonna anger sections of his party), with nation building that will prolong this war……..

The general seems to be on point, marching hard…and focused on his objective……

Update……..A piece from the Washington Post on the CIC meeting with the General aboard Air Force One……

Update#2…..Jones of the NSC does a pushback on McCrystal…..I told you he has a two front war…..

Update#3….and someone uses the Washington Post to leak a another warning shot…..things are getting hot on both fronts!……

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