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Daniel…..Washington Senate……Things are looking encouraging for Dino Rossi….

Hello all!

While the NRSC screwed some other Races I’ll give HUGE Props to them getting Dino Rossi (R-WA) to run in Washington State AND things are looking good for him.


Rossi raised 600,000 $ already since announcing. Should he hold this up he’ll be competitive with Murray not just in Polling but in the Money Race too.

More importantly one-time Frontrunner, State Senator Don Benton (R-WA) is on the verge of dropping out of the Race and endorsing Rossi as soon as tomorrow.

Daniel G.

P. S. I’m pretty happy how things have gone here.

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Dino Rossi for Goveneror of Washington State!

He, he, he…..

This ought to get Daniel’s blood going!

With the Democratic moves coming up in the state ……

Republican Dino Rossi could stay home and have his cake……

I’m betting that what he does…..

Sorry Daniel…..

I never thought he was going to Washington anyways….

How about a Governor for a Senator trade?

From Chris Cillizza’s ‘The Fix’……

What Will Dino Rossi Do?

The reports that Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) may be on the short-list for Solicitor General to replace Supreme Court nomineeElena Kagan raises all kinds of possibilities for who might replace her if she gets the nod.

The most interesting potential scenario: Could former state Sen. Dino Rossi (R) be in the running?

Rossi — who lost to Gregoire in 2004 in the closest gubernatorial race in U.S. history and failed in a 2008 rematch — has been slow-walking a Senate challenge against Sen. Patty Murray (D). Most observers believe it’s a matter of when, not if, Rossi will run for that office.

National Democrats have been pushing out negative information on Rossi in recent weeks in an attempt to discourage him from running or damage him if he does. Republicans argue Democrats’ aggressiveness against Rossi is evidence of how worried they are about facing him this fall.

The prospect of running for governor could be an appealing one to Rossi. He’s made two past bids for the office….


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Daniel….. Afternoon Polling Summary for Wednesday May 5th 2010 ……With Updates…….

Hello Folks!

Here is my Afternoon Polling Summary:

Kentucky Senate:

[ Grayson, Mongiardo and Paul ]

Grayson (R)  43 % – Mongiardo (D)  35 %  (Public Policy Polling)
Grayson (R)  42 % – Conway (D)  34 %  (Public Policy Polling)
Paul (R)  42 % – Mongiardo (D)  38 %  (Public Policy Polling)
Paul (R)  41 % – Conway (D)  40 %  (Public Policy Polling)

Washington Senate:

[ Rossi and Murray ]
Murray (D)  48 %  –  Rossi (R)  46 %  (Rasmussen)
Murray (D)  49 %  –  Akers (R)  35 %  (Rasmussen)
Murray (D)  52 %  –  Benton (R)  38 % (Rasmussen)
Murray (D)  51 %  –  Didier (R)  36 % (Rasmussen)

Much better Numbers from RAS on Murray then from SUSA. How can that be?

Anyways the Kentucky Lexington Herald-Leader should have a new Kentucky Primary Survey out at 6pm ET coming from Research 2000.

Daniel G.

Wait…..Rossi hasn’t made up his mind yet…right?

Murray still holds her own…….

Rossi attacking Murray now.


Update 1:

Washington Senate:

Murray (D) 51 % – Rossi (R) 34 % (Elway)
Murray (D) 51 % – Benton (R) 27 % (Elway)
Murray (D) 50 % – Akers (R) 26 % (Elway)
Murray (D) 50 % – Didier (R) 24 % (Elway)


Woa!!!! Daniel……Murray is DEFINATELY  holding her own…you ain’t gonna get this one…….

Update 2:

Lexington Herald-Leader/WAVE-TV/WKYT-TV Kentucky Research 2000 Survey

Democratic Primary

Mongiardo 39 %
Conway 32 %
Price 6 %
Buckmaster 4 %
Sweeney 2 %
Undecided 17 %

Republican Primary

Paul 44 %
Grayson 32 %
Stephenson 3 %
Martin 3 %
Scribner 1 %
Undecided 17 %


Yet another double digit lead for Rand Paul.

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