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Boeing threatens to NOT bid on thr Aerial Tanker contract…Are they serious?

[ The Boeing 767 based Aerial Tanker in Italian Air Force colors ]

I wouldn’t think so…….

The Dog see’s this as a chess move….

They are complaining about Airbus subsidies…..

Airbus IS supported by the French, British, German and Italian countries…..

That’s fact….

It isn’t gonna change anytime soon in this economic atmosphere…

But lets be fair here…

The United States government goes to bat for Boeing  with tax credits and reserach…..and provides subsidies for countries that buy American Defense products…..


The Dog still does not understand why PRESIDENT OBAMA doesn’t over-rule Defense Secretary Gates and cut a duel award contract deal????

It is a win-win solution to a big problem….

Boeing wins with a smaller tanker…

Airbus wins with a larger tanker….

The state of Washington winds with a order for airplanes…

The state of Alabama wins with an order for airplanes….

The Europeans are happy the American brought their plane…

And the Air Force finally will get a replacement ‘short ‘ tanker and ‘bridge’ tanker…..

JUST LIKE THEY HAVE NOW……(KC-135 and the KC-10 )….



Boeing is considering not bidding for the U.S. Air Force’s KC-X tanker contract, a company source said May 14.

That would leave Europe’s EADS – which earlier this year had threatened its own pullout – as the sole bidder for the multibillion-dollar prize.

CEO Jim McNerney and other executives are privately debating whether their company can even win, much less make a profit, on the fixed-price contract, one senior Boeing executive said.

“Is it conceivable that we wouldn’t bid?” the executive said. “We are proud of the fleet and want it to win the contract so the Air Force keeps flying our planes. Your heart says you have to be part of it, but a CEO’s job is to make sure that the heart doesn’t make a decision the head can’t live with.”

Boeing spokesman Damien Mills insisted May 13 that the firm will bid.

But Boeing supporters have long complained that illegal subsidies would lower EADS’ bid price, and company officials have said for several weeks that the Pentagon appears to have shifted requirements to favor the European firm.

Earlier this year, DoD officials – eager to avoid a sole-source award to Boeing in the wake of Northrop Grumman’s withdrawal – delayed the bidding deadline 60 days to allow EADS to bid. DoD also allowed the European firm to enter the contest without a U.S. firm as a partner.

Pentagon officials say they have changed neither the requirements nor the way the bids will be evaluated.

“Jim doesn’t want to be in a position that we are going to bid a losing bid,” the Boeing executive said. “It gets difficult when you’re dealing with a competitor who has flat-out said on several occasions that they’re going to underbid us. How can they do that if the list price of their plane is higher than the list on our plane? Because they are subsidized and we’re a for-profit company, so the question we’re asking is: How do we compete against four governments?”

The average cost of a Boeing 767-200ER is $133 million, of an Airbus A330-200F, $194.8 million, according to Teal Group aviation analyst Richard Aboulafia.

The executive said Boeing has not arrived at a decision. He said raising the prospect of sitting out was not a negotiating tactic. ( BULL S*#T)


Boeing executives and its supporters say Airbus, which has garnered more than half of the commercial jet market in recent years, has been powered by nearly $200 billion in subsidies over four decades. The World Trade Organization recently resolved a 2009 lawsuit filed by the U.S. government, finding Airbus guilty of using illegal subsidies to win contracts with predatory pricing. Europe has countersued, claiming Boeing benefits from research and development tax credits.


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Dino Rossi has to make up his mind in Washington State…..

Dino Rossi needs to make up his mind if he wants to get into the US Senate from Washington State….

Daniel has mentioned several times correctly that Rossi would be a strong candidate against the state’s sitting Senator Pat Murray (D )….But agin…The Dog thinks this is a guy ( he has four young kids ) that would rather not be making the trip to DC…….

Dino Rossi family

Sen. John Cornyn from Texas , who is recruiting for the GOP is growing impatient…and that could just about be the thing that turns Rossi from doing the run anyways…..

Stay tuned……

Cornyn said Rossi has only a few more weeks to decide whether to challenge Murray, the Senate’s fourth-highest ranking Democrat, whom polls show could be vulnerable to a Rossi campaign.

Washington state law allows until 5 p.m. on June 11 for U.S. Senate candidates to file their campaign paperwork, but Cornyn said if Rossi takes all of that time to decide it would make it nearly impossible to recruit another candidate on short notice.

“I think he’s interested. He’s a good, strong fiscal conservative, and the recent polling that’s been done has him beating her. And we need some reinforcements,” Cornyn said.

“I’ve been urging him to make a decision sooner rather than later because there’s a practical problem with not having enough time to do what you need to do before the election.”

Recent polls show Murray leading Rossi in a potential match-up.

A March 22-23 DailyKos poll of 600 likely voters put Murray up by 11 points, but an April 6 Rasmussen poll of 500 likely voters put her up by only two points. Murray leads four other potential GOP opponents by larger margins.

Rossi told The Hill he is doing his “due diligence” and strongly considering the race. He has worked at a commercial real estate firm since his unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign in 2008.


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Daniel on Dino Rossi running in Washington State?

Hello Dog!
[  Rossi ]
Well, yet another sign how AFRAID the Democrats are of potentially losing their Senate Majority. They are launching Preemtive Strikes and TV Ads against Dino Rossi (R-WA) to discourage him from running.



Your Party is afraid and rightly so.


Daniel G.

Daniel …he hasn’t come down one way or the other yet……..

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EADS comes back to table to bid the US Air Force Aerial Tanker contract …….Maybe….

The conditions for the European EADS without earlier partner Northrop would be assurances that they get fair crack at the contract to build over a 150 new refueling aircraft for the US Air Force……

The company will be swimming upstream against a strong suspicion that the word is out to buy American…..

While the right solution would be to make a dual buy…Defense Secertary Gates has been able to rule that out so far…

The Dog questions why Gates has been give that latitude to make that decision since a dual buy (The Air Force currently has two types of tanker , KC-135 /B-707 and KC-10/DC-10 )……and a dual buy would just continue the policy of having a smaller and larger tanker ……in addition, to making Senators, Governors, local worker’s, and Foreign leaders along with their countrymen happy……

Obama needs to step in and overrule Gates……..

This could be win/win situation for everyone involved…..

Here’s the piece……

Aerospace and defense company EADS said Friday it is considering a new bid for a $35 billion Pentagon contract for midair refueling tankers but it will only compete if it has a fair chance against rival Boeing Co.

A consortium of EADS and Northrop Grumman pulled out of the bidding for the long-awaited, 179-tanker contract earlier this month. They said the terms of the deal appeared designed to favor a smaller jet offered by Boeing.

But Thursday, the Defense Department “indicated it would welcome a proposal from EADS North America as prime contractor for the KC-X tanker competition,” according to a statement Friday from EADS. It called the move “a significant development.”

EADS, the parent company of Airbus, said it would consider bidding again if it is given an extended deadline to prepare a new proposal – and, crucially, “if there is a fair chance to win.”

EADS and its American partner, Northrop, were initially awarded the contract for the tanker fleet in 2008, but Boeing protested and the deal was annulled later that year.

The withdrawal of the Northrop-led consortium left Boeing as the only bidder.

European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co. NV said the Pentagon was indicating “a willingness to extend the timeframe,” and said it is “assessing this new situation to determine if the company can feasibly submit” a new bid.

But it said the Pentagon’s new stance “does not address EADS’ underlying concerns” that the request for bids is designed to favor Boeing.

EADS spokesman Alexander Reinhardt said the company, which is based in Paris and Munich, will decide in coming weeks on whether to bid – either alone or with a partner.

Boeing is offering a military version of its 767 passenger jet. Reinhardt said he thinks it is unlikely that EADS would change the larger Airbus A-330 airframe on which the original tanker offer was based, because the only other suitable plane it has ready – the A310 – is old and thus unsuited for a fleet with a lifetime of 45-50 years.

The current deadline is early May.


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Daniel…..Washington Senate: Murray leads all Republican Challengers except Dino Rossi (R-WA)….

Hello Dog!

A new Statewide Survey in the Evergreen State show Incumbent Democratic Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) although under 50 % in somewhat good shape for Reelection with one Caveat. She leads all Challengers except for ’04 & ’08 Republican Governor Nominee Dino Rossi (R-WA).

After staying mostly quiet during 2009 the buzz picked up in recent Days that Rossi under urging from NRSC Chair John Cornyn (R-TX) is considering the Race.

Rasmussen Survey

Washington Senate 2010

General Election

’04 & ’08 GOP Governor Nominee Dino Rossi (R)  49 %
Incumbent Senator Patricia Lynn Murray (D)  46 %
Others  3 %
Undecided  2 %

Incumbent Senator Patricia Lynn Murray (D)  48 %
State Senator Don Benton (R)  37 %
Others  3 %
Undecided  12 %

Incumbent Senator Patricia Lynn Murray (D)  49 %
Ex Professional Football Player Clint Didier (R)  30 %
Others  6 %
Undecided  15 %

Incumbent Senator Patricia Lynn Murray (D)  47 %
Businessman Chris Widener (R)  32 %
Others  5 %
Undecided  16 %

Job Approvals

President Barack Obama (D)

Approve  50 %
Disapprove  49 %

Governor Christine Gregiore (D)

Approve  40 %
Disapprove  60 %


Looking at Obama’s Approvals here which is only at 50 % (in a State he carried easily 2008) this Poll doesn’t seem too much surprising.
Also, a recent SUSA Poll pegged the Approval for Murray at 43 / 50 so there maybe indeed an opening for Republicans REGARDLESS if Rossi gets in or stays out.

Kyle over at Politics 1 is rooting for Benton AND he’s only down 11 Points.

Daniel G.

He, he….let me see only @ 50%?

Only down 11%?

Hasn’t Rossi said he isn’t running?

…..You guys are really hoping, huh?

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Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA) will not run next fall….another one bites the dust…

Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA), voted against the Healthcare bill in the House…..Baird was popular…and easily won re-election the last time he ran for the seat…..but his vote against the Healthcare bill hurt him dearly in his district…..who ever runs as the Democrat in the fall will probably be running against Rep. Jaime Herrera (R)…

Note:….In total right now…..9 Democrats have annouced they will not run for their seats next fall, and 12 Republcans have done the same…..

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