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President Obama in a year of cartoon’s from the Washington Post……..

Here’s Tom Toles…..The Washington Post Chief Cartoonist and last year’s cartoon’s about the President…….

Here’s the link.…….

It’s the ears………

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President Obama in a year of cartoon's from the Washington Post……..

Here’s Tom Toles…..The Washington Post Chief Cartoonist and last year’s cartoon’s about the President…….

Here’s the link.…….

It’s the ears………

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The person behind the name Neel Kashkari, who handled $700 Billion for Paul Volker and the United States of America….

The is a behind the scenes piece about Neel Kashkari, the bail-out whiz, appointed to work with Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson in the waning days of the Bush Administration (he later worked breifly in the Obama administration at  Treasury)….

While we have all trashed the Bush administration’s handling of the economic downfall…Kashkari was there ….deer in the headlights….scared and under huge pressure to produce and thrown in front congress to the heat……

The piece mainly focuses  on Kashari decompressing, back in California after watching a fellow worker experience a heart attack working all nighters to help deal with the financial crisis……

He is portrayed as a real human being who had a job to do and is suffering for it…..along the way he admits…he bad judgements …but it the thanklessness of those days that haunt him…which is why he has tried to get away by living a simple life with his wife back in the boonies in California…

….it hasn’t worked….he still dreams of D.C…..and the pain……

Even though the economy is slowly getting better…….

Note:  He isn’t that detached…while he’s not working now…he is helping Paul Volker write a book…..got to get his fix…anyway he can….

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The Majority leader of the Senate goes for the gusto!…A $849 Billion compromise package Healthcare Bill……..

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), has presented a compromise $849 Billion bill that bans federal funds for abortions, but allows at least one plan in the system that would offer abortion coverage and one that doesn’t….This will essentially leave coverage in for women who already have it, while not expanding it…..

The bill would also extend coverage to an additional 31 million Americans, reform some insurance practices and add taxes on high earners to help support the bill. The democrats are VERY happy with the Congressional Budget Offices projection that the bill would cut the federal deficit by at least $127 Billion over the next decade…..

There are differences between the House and Senate Bill’s…….

The Senate measure is similar in scope to legislation the House approved earlier this month. It would require most people to buy insurance, and if their employers did not offer affordable coverage, they would be able to shop for policies on new state-based “exchanges” that would function as marketplaces for individual coverage. Insurance companies would have to abide by broad new rules that would ban practices such as denying coverage based on preexisting conditions.

But the bills diverge on other key provisions. The House version would require all but the smallest businesses to offer insurance, while the Senate measure would merely fine companies for not offering affordable coverage. The Senate bill would bar illegal immigrants from buying insurance through the exchanges, while the House would restrict access only to subsidies and federal programs such as Medicaid, which would be vastly expanded under both bills.

The bill’s first test is expected on Friday or Saturday, with a procedural vote required to start debate. Republicans are expected to rally all 40 of their senators to block the legislation from advancing, requiring Reid to keep all 60 members of his Democratic caucus in line.

Stay tuned folks…it has just begun…….

Note: This is a copy of the abortion language in the bill from the Huffington Post……


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Holder and the CIA review……….he retreats…….

On August 23, 2009, I wrote this about  how Atty. General Holder’s decision to investigate the CIA and its interrogation techniques was gonna occur as a cover for the president to seem tough on agency abuse……..I wrote a subsequent Update on September 18, 2009, in which I commented on the fact that seven former CIA Directors had written to Obama forcefully objecting to the naming of a special investigator to review what was originally about 24 cases of abuse of power and techniques……..

This evening has a backgrounder piece,  with leaked information to the Washington Post , giving details on less than 10 cases that the former prosecutor , John H Dunham will look at. As things have cooled on the story….. Holder has  retreated (but still kept Obama out of the spotlight, on the issue), issuing a statement clarifying the fact that probably no criminal charges will be filed……..John Wu, the person I thought this thing might find as the bad guy is NOT mentioned….at all……( I was wrong)……

…….I don’t think this  is gonna go anyplace…..Not with the agency, former Intel chiefs, the republicans, the grunts , and the agencies friends,  from both parties breathing down Obama’s neck……….And the issue has died in the media…….A victim of the White House’s constant throwing issues at the media and congress……….

Update:……..Obama has said again…he trusts Holder to press ahead…which doesn’t change my basic anaylsis of the situation……which is that not much is gonna happen here…….

Update#2……..Holder has found some backing from some retired military men who want the CIA to follow the rules, like the miltary is supposed to…..

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