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The Commander-in-Chief takes his case to the country…..more troops….

President Obama spoke to the American people tonight from West Point…explaining, that his decision to send 30,000 more troops to Aftghanistan for a 18 month surge was to deal with the \’cancer\’ of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan…..and to “…” bring this war to a successful conclusion”…

……it remains to be seen if….. he will be successful…but with the more troops being send ‘in country’ (and in a hurry) this war campaign now becomes his……..

As I said yesterday..the ball is now in General Stanley McChrystal’s court and it’s show-time……

Good luck to us all…….

We’ll have more on this in the coming days…….

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The figure will be 34,000 new troops for Afghanistan…..details are leaking out….

The total amount of troops ‘in country’ will reach 100,000……President Obama will have authorized more than half of the men and women sent there…this is his war now….

As I have said before here…..General Stanley McChrystal has got just about everything he asked for……and a good part of the Presidents political future is now in his hands….

The deployments start in January…although there are reports that Marine units are already on the move to the country…..

Secretary of State Clinton will go to Brussels on Thursday to press NATO for more troops for the war campaign in the country…..

The speech is tomorrow night at 8:00 PM coming from Army Military Academy at West Point, New York……

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The Commander-in-Chief will announce his troop request at West Point, on Tuesday…..

President Obama will travel to West Point, The U.S. Army’s Military Academy to announce that he will deploying up to 35,000 more U.S. and NATO troops (he’s asking NATO for 10,000) principally to deploy to the southern region of Afghanistan over the next 9 months….This move will be the president’s biggest decision since tackling the economy when he walked in the door of the presidency….

He has also put himself out by declaring to the media during a presser with the Indian Prime Minister ……”I’ve also indicated that after eight years — some of those years in which we did not have, I think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done — it is my intention to finish the job,”

The president had to take more time in his decision to give the military time to put in an exit option, which U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Eikenberry ( a retired Lt. General, who serverd in-country) lobbied for….

Finally, Obama is keenly aware that a major criticism has been the corruption, functionality and unsuitableness of Harmid Karzai’s government…..this a problem that

Will be watched by the State department under Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Eikenberry closely….But will be the basis for any progress….

Because in the end the object will be to have the Afghan’s take over…..Which a lot of us doubt will ever happen….



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