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The Obama White House is running for 2012…….

The story breatakingly runs at Politco!….and Exculsive!

Jim Messina, President Barack Obama and David Axelrod are shown in a composite image.

Give me a break!

The Dog told you about this a month ago when President Obama, stung by the ‘Scott Brown ‘effect, scheduled campaign stops in Ohio and Florida in the same week…..get it?

Remember Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Presidential Primary race?

Yea…..Now that’s the ticket!……

Here’s some from the Politico wake up story……(can you believe these people?….like they discovered the new world  or something?)

President Barack Obama’s top advisers are quietly laying the groundwork for the 2012 reelection campaign, which is likely to be run out of Chicago and managed by White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina, according to Democrats familiar with the discussions.

The planning for now consists entirely of private conversations, with Obama aides at all levels indulging occasionally in closed-door 2012 discussions while focusing ferociously on the midterm elections and health care reform, the Democratic sources said. “The gathering storm is the 2010 elections,” one top official said.

But the sources said Obama has given every sign of planning to run again and wants the next campaign to resemble the highly successful 2008 effort.

David Axelrod, White House senior adviser, may leave the West Wing to rejoin his family in Chicago and reprise his role as Obama’s muse, overseeing the campaign’s tone, themes, messages and advertising, the sources said.

David Plouffe, the Obama for America campaign manager, described by one friend as “the father of all this,” will be a central player in the reelect, perhaps as an outside adviser.

“The conversations are beginning, but decisions haven’t been made,” a top official said. “If you look at David Plouffe’s stepped-up level of activity with the political organization [as an outside adviser on the 2010 races], that is obviously the beginning of the process.”

Anita Dunn, former White House communications director, will be intimately involved, too. Brad Woodhouse, the Democratic National Committee’s communications director, has rising stock and is a logical choice to be communications director for the reelection campaign, the sources said.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett are likely to remain at the president’s side in Washington, while exercising major influence over the campaign. Pfeiffer, communications director of the last campaign and always a trusted insider, has a higher public profile every day.


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White House offers to post Republican healthcare proposal on its own website……

Seeking to draw the Republican’s more into the debate the White House is making and offer to showcase the GOP plans on the Healthcare Bill…….Hummmmm?

Here’s the post from The Hill……

The White House is offering to share Republicans’ healthcare alternative on their Web site before the two sides sit down for their bipartisan summit later this week.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs made the political overture during his press briefing on Monday, telling reporters he would be “happy to post” the GOP plan next to the proposal President Barack Obama unveiled and published online earlier in the day.

Gibbs said that arrangement would ensure the “American people can come to one location and find out the parameters of what will largely be discussed on Thursday.”

“The process started today, with our posting of ideas,” Gibbs said, noting the White House had created a new healthcare Web page on Monday in preparation for Thursday’s healthcare summit, which will be televised on C-SPAN.

“We hope it continues before Thursday,” Gibbs continued, “with Republicans putting out their ideas…”

The White House’s offer on Monday could be characterized as an aggressive political move, given the criticisms Democrats have long levied at GOP lawmakers on healthcare.

Many in the majority party have railed on Republicans for failing to offer their own, viable healthcare alternative. That is to some degree a misstatement, as House GOP members did offer a less-expansive bill last year that would have cost the federal government less money but insured fewer Americans. At the same time, a few individual Republicans have spearheaded their own healthcare reform legislation.

But the Republican Party writ large is without one single, unified healthcare proposal — a fact the White House might be trying to highlight with its offer to post an alternative bill or guiding policy document on its Web site this week.

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Franken Rips Axelrod…..An action a lot of his colleagues are happy with……

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) “ripped into” White House adviser David Axelrod “during a tense, closed-door session with Senate Democrats,” according to Politico.

Multiple sources say Franken “criticized Axelrod for the administration’s failure to provide clarity or direction on health care and the other big bills it wants Congress to enact.”

“Democratic senators are frustrated that the White House hasn’t done more to win over the public on health care reform and other aspects of its ambitious agenda — and angry that, in the wake of Scott Brown’s win in the Massachusetts Senate race, the White House hasn’t done more to chart a course for getting a health care bill to the president’s desk.”

From PoliticalWire……..

Listen….quite frankly Axelrod deserves this ….the White house has left the whole Healthcare thing up to Congress and they are getting their butts kicked……Obama keeps saying ….’yea just pass it’…and the GOP and the voters back home keep screaming ‘no’……so if his boss ain’t willing to sell the program …then Axelrod gets the grief, because  his boss, Obama, should just shut up about it….and take the loss……

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Will the Gitmo Five be tried in NYC…or not?……

For the past few days the media has proclaimed that the trials will be moved from the Federal CourtHouse in downtown New York City….This possoble move….as everything since the ‘Scott Brown effectr’ kicked in may have a political side to it……

The Hill…the Paper and website has a piece out today saying the White House STILL wants the trial held in New York…..

If one goes back and carefully checks all the media stories one will find that the United States Department of Justice has not indicated in any way shape or form the trial will actually be moved……

You will see all sorts of quotes…from unnamed sources….but no…..”we will move the trial”….from anyone…..

And I think that’s because the political thing has kicked in at the White House…not Justice……someone in one the meetings on this ….has pushed back and surely said…..’the Mayor of the City of New York doesn’t tell the Federal Government what to do…and when…’

and of course…that’s correct…..and judging by the two links I’ve provided in this piece…..the feelings are divided……

Sure businesses are going to lose money…and downtown New York is gonna be locked down…..but alot of people also want the trials to go on…in the City so that they can see the results ……

My guess is they will probably go somewhere else…..

But you never know…..

The political side might just say…..We’re the government and WE decide where we do this…….



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Is this any way to run a White House??????

I’m gonna post this piece up as a systemic problem of the Obama’s White House problem with getting ‘its act together’…..

It’s from David Sessions @ PolitcsDaily…...

Syracuse School Children Upset Over White House Response to Letter…..

The students of the H.W. Smith School in Syracuse, N.Y., are upset with President Obama for answering an invitation to visit their school with a form letter, local television station WSYR reports. The children mailed the president a letter on Nov. 13, inviting him to come help them build a snowman. They included a photo of the group, and wrote about how building a snowman together would demonstrate unity and peaceful living.

The reply they received from the White House was dated Nov. 6 — a week before they sent their letter — and was addressed to “students.” Most of the students said they did not expect the president to visit them, but they had hoped for something more personal than a form letter.

“I was disappointed because I think his office could have done better than that,” Kiana Furgeson, a sixth-grader at H.W. Smith said. Simeon Greenberg, a third-grader, added: “I felt disrespected. It was very disappointing to get that kind of response.”

The students decided to answer the White House with a complaint about its informal response, and sent Obama another letter asking him to consider having his staff write personal responses to his mail. “If they wrote the letter we received as an answer on a test, they would not have a passing grade because they did not answer the question,” the students wrote.

The WSYR report did not include a response from the White House…….hummmmmm?

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Help on the way for Democrats!…..The White House Okay with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar going back to Colorado to become the Governor there….

Oh, Snap!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the GOPer’s out there were having dreams of taking the Senate back from the Democrats, and getting a few Governorships as a side meal in the last day and a half…….

Well, hold on people, cause the show ain’t over……

This from Political Wire………
The White House “would not object if Interior Secretary Ken Salazar chose to resign his cabinet post and run for Colorado governor,” sources tell the Denver Post.

“The White House’s stance on whether Salazar can leave the cabinet on good terms is a key variable in the race to replace Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter, who announced this morning that he would not seek re-election.”

Ops!…..that ballon just busted……..

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John Brennan the old CIA master is back……

Brennan……The former CIA intelligence insider headed the first days of the National Counterterrorism Center…..but ran into trouble getting a ok to take the Central Intelligence Director job and had to settle  for the job of Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism…….that job kept him from having to go up on the Hill and get chewed on about torture tactics used during his time at the CIA……

He has now been named to head the Presidents review of the intelligence community information practices and aviation security, even though he was CEO of the private company the government used to help manage a key terrorism database before he joined the administration.

His new assignment will put him back where the White House needs him…….and they need all the old hands they can find…..with the media and Republicans chewing on them for the past week….

All that carping about President Obama being ‘green’ doesn’t take into account the choices he has made for staff postions…..most of his staff are seasoned veterans unlike the last democratic president who tried to have all new people reform the system and lost three years finding out that it is better to work Washington D.C. from the inside out……

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Behind the scene photos of the White House and its travels……

From Huffington Post…here’s the real pictures of the nation’s top politicians…..


Ah, I think Obama is in just about all of the shots…….

he, he, he…the traveling White House….what would that be called?

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is right on this…..the Democrats may see trouble down the road going it alone on Healthcare…

The New York Times has this quote from the republican Senator from South Carolina, Linsey Graham, after the President meeting in the White House with fellow democrats……

“Our Democratic friends are about to walk off a political cliff here.”

When I started here I made a point to advocate bipartisanship on getting the Healthcare Bill signed into law….it has not happened….I am not happy with the watering down of the bill…but I expected it…I told everyone that would listen that President Obama …just wants a bill…he doesn’t care if the Public option is there, he doesn’t care if the pro-choice section is gone….he just wants a bill…(he spent time in the Illinois legislature and the U.S. Senate, he knows how things work)…..

But passing a purely democratic bill leaves the democrats in a vulnerable position in 2012…if some reason things don’t go good from the change coming from the bill…the Democrats will take the ENTIRE BLAME…somewhere smart politicians don’t like to be……

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The House GOP line…..’Vote No on Obama and the Democrats’…..

The Hill…is reporting that House republicans have united in voting against anything that smells like spending, taxes and financial reform……

Watching the president’s polling numbers fall..and watching blue-dog democrats bail out of next years re-election contests, along with numerous right leaning purity sweeps has given the GOP an ad hoc path to follow right now….

We’ll see how far it goes…..

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