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The House is currently only investigating black memebers…….

That is factually correct according to a story in Politico today….while there are several white memebers being looked at…there are currently seven black memebers, no white memebers, being actiely investigated…..

Charlie Rangel  (D-NY)

Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL)

Carol Kilipatrick    (D-Mich)

Maxine Waters  (D-CA)

Laura Richardson  (D-CA)

Donald Payne   (D-NJ)

Donna Christensen   (D-VI)

It is interesting that in a body with over 400 members only black person sits on the committee that does the investigating……and to be fair there are again several white members being looked at…but it does strike one as odd that only its black members are getting the serious once overs….A Congressional Black Caucus member told Politico…….

“A lot of that has to do with outside watchdog groups like [Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington] that have to have a level of success to justify OCE,” the CBC member said. The good-government groups were strong backers of the OCE’s creation.

But these same groups won’t go after Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), this lawmaker claimed, “Because she has plenty of money to defend herself,” and the outside groups don’t want to take a risk. The Democrat said the ethics committee would be going up against Harman’s lawyers and “going up against” the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee if they push the OCE to pressure the ethics committee to act…..


“It is kind of crazy,” said an aide to one senior black Democrat. “How can it be that the ethics committee only investigates African-Americans? It doesn’t make sense.”

Something ain’t right here……..


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