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Judge Blocks Wisconsin Anti-Union Law (Again)…Wisconsin will proceed regardless…



Wisconsin state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) and Gov. Scott Walker (R)


Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi has just blocked — again — Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-WI) new law curtailing public employee unions, after the state Republican leadership moved last Friday to circumvent her previous order that blocked the law on procedural grounds. But that’s not the end of the discussion, as it appears the state will continue to defy the order.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

“Further implementation of the act is enjoined,” said Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi.

She noted her original restraining order issued earlier this month was clear in saying that the state should not proceed with implementing the law. The Walker administration did so after the bill was published Friday by a state agency not included in Sumi’s earlier temporary restraining order.

“Apparently that language was either misunderstood or ignored, but what I said was the further implementation of Act 10 was enjoined. That is what I now want to make crystal clear,” she said.

But minutes later, outside the court room, Assistant Attorney General Steven Means said the legislation “absolutely” is still in effect.

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Wisconsin Legislators’s Pass Governor Walkers Law….


Wisconsin Assembly Passes Walker’s Anti-Union Bill


The Wisconsin state Assembly has passed Gov. Scott Walker’s bill to roll back the rights of public employee unions, capping off a month of protest and controversy that has gripped the state. The bill now heads to Walker for his signature.

The final vote count was 53-42. It followed Wednesday night’s passage in the Senate, and the surprise maneuver that Republicans had undertaken to move ahead on the anti-union provisions on their own. The GOP prepared a new bill that stripped out clearly fiscal elements, allowing them to move ahead without need for a three-fifths quorum required to vote on budget bills — though Democrats have argued that the bill still contains fiscal elements, and they could potentially challenge it on that basis.

In Thursday’s Assembly session — which was delayed due to a security lockdown of the Capitol — the Democrats, clad in specially printed orange T-shirts that declared their labor solidarity, delivered many speeches and lodged many motions, in part to register their protest and in part to delay the vote. By contrast, only a few Republicans spoke, speaking of their concerns about maintaining the state’s finances, making hard choices and avoiding layoffs by relieving the financial pressures on local governments.

A new series of battles in the state now seems all but assured. Democrats have pledged to recall the Republican members of the state Senate who are eligible, under the state law requiring at least one year of a term to be completed, and then to go after Walker next year.


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Democratic Wisconsin State Senators will return to vote on Governor Walker’s Law….

Their hope with returning and the Governore’s union busting law passing is that the Wisconsin Governor has dug himself into a deep enough hole that he’ll hurt himself  and come up for recall…and that he will lit a fire under labor and Democrats at home and around the country…..

We’ll see….

The Wisconsin Governor can see he won this, eh?

Democratic Sen. Mark Miller said the Democrats intend to let the full Senate vote and potentially pass Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget-repair” bill, which would also limit public unions’ collective bargaining rights. The Democrats believe that the measure lacks voter support based on recent polls and that passage could hurt Republicans politically, Mr. Miller said.

He said the Democrats, who fled to Illinois on Feb. 17, also want to fight Mr. Walker’s recently announced two-year budget plan, which cuts spending by $4.2 billion, or 6.7%, including $1.25 billion less in state aid to schools and local governments.

“We are now looking at returning to the state capitol and requiring the senators to take a vote and have them declare who they’re with — the workers or the governor,” Mr. Miller said Sunday. He said he thinks recent polls have been “disastrous” for Mr. Walker and give Democrats more leverage to seek budget changes.

Chris Schrimpf, a spokesman for the governor, said, “If the governor made his decisions based on polling, he would still be in the general assembly. The voters elected people to make the difficult decisions to balance the budget and create an environment where 250,000 jobs can be created by the private sector.”


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Wisconsin LABOR UPDATE….


Wisconsin Governor Dares Dem Senators To Return

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker issued a challenge to the 14 Democratic state Senators who staged a walkout Thursday, daring them to return to the Capitol by the end of the day.


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Wisconsin School Closings Continue — Now Include Milwaukee


The teachers unions in Wisconsin are continuing to revolt against the anti-public union provisions of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal, with more and more schools closing down from teachers calling in sick en masse.

In the capital city of Madison, where the “sick-out” began on Wednesday, the school closings have continued into its third day, the local CBS affiliatereports.

And among the many other districts with closures throughout the state, now another big shoe has dropped. The Milwaukee Public Schools, the largest district in the state, has closed its schools Friday.


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