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The 'Ragin Cajun' (James Carville) thinks Sara Palin is pretty and so is his wife!

James Carville (aka Skeletor) , the democratic strategist, is fast on feet..and knows how to cover his rear….

While speaking on CNN’s State of the Union program…Carville and his wife , Mary Matalin, a former aide Vice President Cheney,  got into discussing the Newsweek cover that took a picture from Runner’s World magazine of Sara Palin, and ran it on their cover….

Matalin and Palin thought that Newsweek’s use of the cover was sexist (Give me a break, pleaseeee!)

Matlalin then chimed in….”she looked good in it, right?”

To which Carville added..not skiping a beat….”She does…Ain’t no doubt you and her are best looking women in the Republican Party”

You got points on that one Mr Carville…..

Note : This is my post on the pictures of Palin when they came out…..another comment here….


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