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Scott Walker could sink the Republican’s in 2012….…


I said that here in a post ….

And since Keith points out that don’t do enough ‘discussion’ pieces here…

Here’s one….


The Governor of Wisconsin …All by himself …..

Has put the Unionized workers of this country that they have a big bullseye on their back…

His rush to put the government unions out of business in his state started out as a budget thing…

But quickly moved to what the Governor and his GOP friends have smarted about since 2008….

Union support of Democrats….

Walker has been after unions since he was the Milwaukee Country Executive….

Where he fired the union providing security for the counties court system and brought in a non – union contractor…

That decision was recently overturned in court….


From the jump Walker has admitted that he doesn’t like unions…..


Because now he’s in a fight he didn’t think he’d have…

And EVERYBODY is watching….


Mitch Daniel’s the Governor of Indiana did almost the same thing Walker wants to do five years ago….

Without the noise…

So I guess he’s better at talking people’s benefits than Walker…

The only good thing about Daniels is …

Now that Walker has blown the lid off things …..

Daniel has no chance to make it to the White House….


Anyways back to the point here…

The galvanizing of support from the public….

In Wisconsin and around the country is a godsend for the Democrats..

Who watched with horror as the GOP sweep them out of office in the House last November….


Their base is coming alive…..

The question is…

Will they be able to carry the anger along for another 20 or so months into the 2012 elections?

From Politicaldog101….


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Women have a very good day June 8…….Lincoln, Whitman, Fiorina and Angle win their primaries….

Women win big in Tuesday primaries

[ Clockwise…..From top left.   Lincoln, Whitman, Fiorina and Angle ]

Well, Well, Well……..

Look at this !

When I went to sleep last night it didn’t sink in on me that it was strong female night…..

It has now……

My guys here who don’t like women in politics are going to have to swallow hard……

I already did a Lincoln post, He, he, he……

Again…..Am I ever happy to call a race wrong with voters doing the right thing, YES!

With women in California……

Same thing really….

Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are both rich women who made their bones thru the business world…

Both where able to spend large amounts of money in their campaigns…..

They will both lose in the end…

But they will both put up good fights…..

Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer are in for good fights…

Angle in Nevada is Reid’s dream candidate…

A Tea Partier…

She is going to get battered …….

We’ll see if her positions ring true with the general voters on that state…..

All in all not a bad day for the Democrats in general….

And a good day for women around the country……

CNN Link……

PoliticsDaily Link….

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Case will run again…..For now…..

After the split of the democratic vote in the Hawaii Special House seat election you’d think  Ed Case would get the message….

Give it up!

But right now his bruised ego won’t let him do that….

From 5,000 miles away the Dog can see that the race in November is going to be a native one….

Djou against Hanabusa…..

It’s not pretty but Case is going to find himself standing alone….The voters will migrate to Hanabusa….

I’m sure some polling will show this in the next month or two….

While the Dog…and everyone else thought it would be the other way……Daniel seems to right in this race……

Any mention of Obama…even though he’s hometown favorite….hurts the candidate…..

I said this about Hanabusa …and I was wrong…..Now I repeat this for Case…..

Give it up Ed…..For the parties sake….leave it for Colleen (Hanabusa )…..

Despite a disappointing third-place finish in the Hawaii special election, former Democratic Rep. Ed Case said Monday he will still compete for the Democratic nomination and declared that there is no way state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa can defeat Rep.-elect Charles Djou in November.

“I went surfing; I went to the beach; I did look at the results, and I made the decision that I’m running again,” Case told POLITICO.

“My basic message to my party is that Hanabusa cannot beat Djou and I will. The results prove that in spades. … He will hold his votes and enough of the people that voted for me will vote for Djou to get him over 50 percent.”

His comments make clear that the bad blood between Case and Hanabusa during the special election has not subsided, and that both are headed towards a repeat of their divisive special election feud, which led to Republican Charles Djou winning Hawaii’s traditionally Democratic 1st District this past weekend.

Djou won the seat with 40 percent of the vote, but Hanabusa finished in second place with 31 percent, a surprising finish since most pre-election public polls showed her lagging well behind in third place. Case instead brought up the rear, with 28 percent of the vote.

Case attributed his third-place finish to being attacked by both Djou, who viewed him as the strongest challenger, and third-party labor and women’s groups, which poured money into the district on Hanabusa’s behalf.


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Democrats must go on the road to sell Healthcare…..

While the bill is  a done deal…..

That is just an opener….

The Healthcare Insurance industry is already mounting a fight back on the bill….

The public is divided…

The GOP is just sitting back and letting things fester

Those who will benefit from the bill are happy and content….

Those who will not see anything from the bill are going to not forget the money/government side to it….

As Daniel has said to me many a time Healthcare COULD be a problem for Democrats..

As I have said to Daniel…..

Only if the President and others Democrats let it be……

Faced with the prospect of a Democratic rout in November, the White House last month brought on communications expert Stephanie Cutter, a Capitol Hill veteran who is on her third tour of duty with the administration, to oversee healthcare messaging and at least minimize the political damage from the bill.

Continue reading

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With the Democrats back in power….Rules and Regulations are back…..

The days of Republicans and laissez faire are behind us…..

When things go wrong these days….

New rules are done…..

Never mind that there isn’t enough people to enforce the old ones….

Not that law enforcement is gonna actually do that…

Damn if people followed EVERY rule …Nothing would get done!

(Actually….most rules are there so when you mess up they can come and take you away, right? )

And things have gotten sideways a lot these days, huh?

There will crys from those effected that there is cost involved in these enforcement actions…..

But The people who enforce the laws have never ran those businesses…..

People shouldn’t get too crazy….

The natural rhythm of politics will kick in…..

Obama will get another term and Congress will  split between the parties the money for enforcement will die…Congress will resend the rules…and more ever….the enforceers will meet resistance from the lawyers, politicos and the amount of work….

It always works this way…..

Wait and see………

Over the last year, the Obama administration has pressed forward on hundreds of new mandates, while also stepping up enforcement of rules by increasing the ranks of inspectors and imposing higher fines for violations.

A new age of regulation is well under way in Washington, a fact somewhat obscured by the high-profile debates over the health care overhaul and financial oversight system and by fresh calls for greater federal vigilance spurred by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the deaths of coal miners in West Virginia.

The surge in rule-making has resulted from an unusual confluence of factors, from repeated outbreaks of food-borne illnesses to workplace disasters. Some industry groups, wanting foreign competitors to adhere to the same standards they must meet, have backed new federal mandates. The push for some of the measures began at the end of the Bush administration, a tacit acknowledgment that its deregulatory agenda had gone too far.

Still, the new aggressiveness reflects the new cops on the beat, and the contrast with the Bush administration is an intentionally sharp one. While the Bush administration mostly favored voluntary compliance by industry, senior Obama administration officials argue that carefully crafted regulation can be a positive force……..


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Hawaii …….Djou will win as Daniel wants…..But the seat goes back to Democrats in January…..

Yea Daniel gets another one…..

But as he so correctly pointed out to me yesterday…….

Djou is just babysitting the seat (he’ll have it for 7 months )….

Colleen Hanabusa has pulled her papers on running in November….( As I thought she would )

Thus Richard Case will easily win the seat back for the Demeocrats in Novemeber….which is why the DCCC turned the money off in the race…..

Charles Djou is smelling victory in the winner-take-all for the 1st Congressional District. But it may be short-lived.

Recall Hawaii’s special election of 1986. Democrat Neil Abercrombie won the race to replace Democrat Cec Heftel in Congress, who resigned to run for governor (and lost).

But Abercrombie’s term was only for three and a half months. He lost the primary that year to Mufi Hannemann, and Hannemann lost the general to Republican Pat Saiki.

Should Djou prevail over Democrats Ed Case and Colleen Hanabusa in the May 22 special election, as polls now suggest, his will serve in Congress from May 24 until early January 2011 — about seven months (including an August recess).

Who’s looking ahead to September? Colleen Hanabusa has already pulled papers to run in the primary along with two other Democrats.

Two Republicans and a nonpartisan candidate have pulled papers, too. Djou and Case? Not yet.


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Cuomo is quietly backing Rice to succeed him as New York State Attorney General…..

If Andrew Cuomo becomes New York State’s next Governor ……as most of us think he will…….

Then the last two New York Attorney General will have moved up to become Governor……

With that in mind …..

We have begun following the AG race in New York State..

We have had an upstate Democratic straw poll in which Kathleen Rice came in second after Eric Dinallo…..who is a political new comer …who worked for Eliot Spritzer…

The fact that Nassau County DA Rice came in second has not gone unnoticed around the state….

That fact has been boosted by the common knowledge that Rice is now being pushed for the State AG  position by Cuomo…who is more that 30 percentage  points above Republican’s Lazio AND Levy….The two would-be GOP challengers for right to run against Cuomo….

Oh, Yea there’s more…..

It seems that New York City Mayor Bloomberg has HIS guy lining up for a run at the Governor’s job also….

That is Staten Island  DA  Dan Donavan……..

A note to Mr. Donavan…..

Bloomberg just bearly got reelected after spending $130 Million…..

The last person Bloomberg backed for anything was Harold FFord, Jr.for the New York State Senate seat….

And he never got out of the gate!

Good Luck Mr. Donovan…..

You’re gonna need it…..

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and soon-to-be gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo appear to be lining up on opposite sides in the contentious battle for New York state attorney general.

Mr. Bloomberg is strongly encouraging Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan, a Republican, to enter the race and is prepared, once Mr. Donovan announces, to endorse him officially, people familiar with the matter said.

Mr. Cuomo’s political team, meanwhile, is quietly urging Democrats to unite around the candidacy of another prosecutor, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, according to state Democrats.

The race to succeed Mr. Cuomo as attorney general has emerged as one of the most closely watched contests this year, as Mr. Cuomo prepares to pursue the governorship.

With two of the state’s most dominant political figures staking rival ground, the stage is set for a proxy war over control of an office with national influence.

Mr. Donovan, who is expected to launch his bid in the coming weeks, is surrounding himself with Bloomberg aides.

Bradley Tusk, Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign manager last year, is a top strategist, and Virginia Lam, a former press aide to Mr. Bloomberg, has been tapped to handle communications for Mr. Donovan.

Howard Wolfson, a deputy mayor, said Mr. Bloomberg believes Mr. Donovan has done an “outstanding job” as district attorney and would “make a great statewide candidate.”

In an interview, Mr. Donavan acknowledged that Mr. Bloomberg has been “very supportive.”

How about this Cuomo dance around the truth by staff….

A spokesman for Mr. Cuomo’s political team said the attorney general has not settled on a candidate to support in the race. A spokesman for the Rice campaign said the district attorney “would obviously be thrilled to have his endorsement,” but declined to comment further on the possibility.

And then this…..

Ms. Rice’s second-place finish, ahead of two more established rivals, was seen by Democrats as a sign of Mr. Cuomo’s helping hand.


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Daniel….Hawaii Special Election: BREAKING NEWS; DCCC is pulling the plug on the Hawaii 1st Congressional District Special Election POLITICO reports

Hello Folks!

WHEW. We’ve BREAKING NEWS out of the Aloha State. I KNEW this would happen. The DCCC and his Campaign Chief Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) OFFICIALLY DECIDED to pull the Plug on Hawaii.


Daniel G.

Hanabusa  will be pressured to drop out……One way or another…Wait and see…..This race will  be won by Case……
The Dog

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Hawaii Special Election….Democrats will go with Case….They want Hanabusa to drop out….

[ Ed Case and his wife Audrey Nakamura ]

I keep saying one of the two Democrats in the race has to DROP OUT……

It appears the Rep. Ed Case is the stronger Democrat in the polling…

The hard part will be for Democrats on the Island, and the mainland, to get Hawaii State Senate President Colleen Hanabusa to drop her bid for the spot……..

The White House and top Democratic officials are circulating a new, private poll to suggest that only one of two Democrats splitting votes in a tightly contested Hawaii special election has a chance of winning the race.

The White House and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee see former Rep. Ed Case as a stronger candidate than State Senate President Colleen Hanabusa in a race that has divided Democrats. Hanabusa has the support of much of the state’s establishment, including both senators and key labor unions.

“Our April 24 to 26 survey among 506 likely voters in Hawaii’s 1st CD special election shows Democrat Ed Case virtually tied with Republican Charles Djou, but leading on every dimension over Democrat Colleen Hanabusa,” pollster Paul Harstad wrote in a memo accompanying the DNC survey, both obtained by POLITICO.

Harstad’s poll is the latest weapon in intense efforts to push Hanabusa out of the race, or at least move some of her institutional supporters to Case’s side.

“It is clear from this data — as from all the public polling – that Ed Case is the best chance that our party has of holding on to that seat,” said a senior White House official. “Given where Hanabusa is in al of this research, one has to be concerned about what the likely out come is if the dynamic remains unchanged.”

There are “a lot of conversations” under way between Washington Democrats and Hanabusa’s key supporters, the official said, though the official declined to make the White House’s goal explicit.

Harstad’s poll found Case the most popular candidate, with a 63% favorable rating to 55% for Republican Charles Djou and just 41% for Hanabusa.

The survey found Djou with 36% and Case with 34% to Hanabusa’s 20%, a Republican lead that widened among the most likely voters and “illustrate[s] the vulnerability of losing this seat to the Republicans,” Harstad wrote of the survey, which found Case more popular than Hanabusa even among women.

“The bottom line is that with a split-Democratic vote, this congressional is more likely than not to fall into Republican hands…….


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Nancy Pelosi is doing fine Thank You……..

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is cheered after the House passed the health-care bill. Republicans laud her effectiveness even as they decry her politics.

[ Speaker Nancy Pelosi is cheered after the House passed the health-care bill. Republicans laud her effectiveness even as they decry her politics. ]

While Nancy Pelosi may not be popular out in the hustings…….

She is doing fine up on the Hill……

Actually, in this country not too many strong-willed women do well with the public anyways……

But Pelosi who everyone complained about a year ago …has found her way…….

She has held her own with the Senate with the Healthcare Bill and has adopted a policy of getting her bills wrapped up and then waiting for the Senate to come on board……

But under the Capitol dome, Pelosi is a towering figure, perhaps even a historic one. Capped by her central role in passing the landmark health-care bill in March, the California Democrat, 70, has transformed herself from the caricature of a millionaire liberal with impeccable fashion taste into a speaker on par with the revered Sam Rayburn, according to historians, pollsters and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Republicans betting on her unpopularity outside of Washington have made the speaker the face of their effort to retake the House this fall, asking donors to “Fire Nancy Pelosi” while showing images of her engulfed in flames. The first tests of that strategy will come later this month with the GOP trying to win two seats long held by Democrats in special elections in Pennsylvania and Hawaii.

But Pelosi girded for this fight years ago, when she outlined a four-step plan for a lasting Democratic control of the House. The first two steps came with winning the majority in 2006 and expanding it in 2008.

While hoping for big Democratic gains in the 2012 presidential election cycle, the goal this year is merely to “sustain” the majority. With the economy limping along, Democrats are bracing for deep losses but cannot afford to lose more than 40 seats. Pelosi said she’s ready for the fight.


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