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Midday open thread @ Dailykos…..

by kos

  • There are 26 days until the November 2 elections. Early voting is now taking place in AlaskaArizona,CaliforniaGeorgiaIndianaIowaMaineNew MexicoOhioSouth DakotaVermontWisconsin, and Wyoming.Virginia allows early absentee voting under certain circumstances — check here and see if you qualify.
  • Sarah Palin’s approval rating: 22 percent. I’d love for her to get the nomination, but she won’t run. She’s too lazy to do the work.She’ll just lead people on for as long as possible in order to stay relevant, on TV, and getting the big speaking gigs.
  • The American Taliban is losing the culture wars:

    Polls this year have found that more Americans favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally than did so just last year. In two polls conducted over the past few months, based on interviews with more than 6,000 adults, 42% favor same-sex marriage while 48% are opposed. In polls conducted in 2009, 37% favored allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally and 54% were opposed. For the first time in 15 years of Pew Research Center polling, fewer than half oppose same-sex marriage.

    gay marriage trends

    That’s what progress looks like!

  • Lou Dobbs, hypocrite:

    In Lou Dobbs’s heyday at CNN, when he commanded more than 800,000 viewers and a reported $6 million a year for “his fearless reporting and commentary,” in the words of former CNN president Jonathan Klein, the host became notorious for his angry rants against “illegal aliens.” But Dobbs reserved a special venom for the employers who hire them, railing against “the employer who is so shamelessly exploiting the illegal alien and so shamelessly flouting US law” and even proposing, on one April 2006 show, that “illegal employers who hire illegal aliens” should face felony charges […]

    But with his relentless diatribes against “illegals” and their employers, Dobbs is casting stones from a house—make that an estate—of glass. Based on a yearlong investigation, including interviews with five immigrants who worked without papers on his properties, The Nation and the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute have found that Dobbs has relied for years on undocumented labor for the upkeep of his multimillion-dollar estates and the horses he keeps for his 22-year-old daughter, Hillary, a champion show jumper.

  • RNC pushes study that shows that Democrat’s tax plan isbetter for Americans than the Republican one.
  • CA-Sen: Crazy ass spending:

    New campaign finance reports show that Whitman has picked up the pace of her round-the-clock spending rate since her last filing and has now lavished a 24/7 average of nearly $10,000 an hour since announcing her candidacy in February 2009…….. More….


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Open thread for June 10th…….

Hello fellow PoliticalDog visitors!

Interesting last hour…

The site went down and Of course I’m still sitting in front of of the darn computer!

Well…As soon as do this new thread I’m skipping outside for a few!

As you can see…. I’ve been burning the posting oil to get the rest of you as much info as possible….

I’m just glad I’m not Alvin Greene……

Congratulations to all the Chicago Blackhawk fans for the win!

I knew Corey would show up to gloat…..

ILL Jim didn’t …..

Daniel’s fine after the Halter loss…

I just had to break his balls…

He’s a good guy……

Shoutouts to the rest of the Dog Pound….

SE, Manila, CD, Corey, Scott,  ILL Jim, Moe, Talkandpolitcs, JSin, TPL, Terry, Jerry, BDog (WTF has he been?), Jack, DSD, and all the spammers that I keep deleting!

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We love you twitter people!…..

Come on down and give some comments also!

If I missed ya give me shout here…..

The Pak gets bigger everyday!

As Always!

Keep up the good work

Commments……Commments…and More Comments


The Dog!

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The Dow closes @ 9,899.25……

From the Wall Street Journal…..

That is more than 1,400 points below it’s high point in the last 12 months……

52 Week High 11,308.95    4/26/10

52 Week Low 8,057.57      7/10/09

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Open Thread for June 7…….

Hello everyone out there!

Another Special Tuesday Election Coverage coming at Ya!

We’ll who the winners are going to be…..

The Oil leak is slowing being taken care of…

The Gaza supply ship story continues…..

And The Mets get three wins!……

The Celtics will not just roll over…..

We have Updated our links for the Dog pound..

Adding more useful links for your crusin on the net’

Been busy this morning…..

So this is a short speech post….

As always


We’re always looking for more people to post their views

Keep Subscribing People…..

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Open Thread for June 2nd …….

The June 1st Primary is gone……

Some real surprises for the masses……

Some not…..

Artur Davis lost…He never really had a chance running to right …in the South…As a black Democrat….

Parker Griffith lost also……

He never really survived the switch in parties…..

The remarkable thing is that a lot of races simply didn’t come out the way the polls said they would….

He, he, he,,,,,Like I said several times ….The Nate Silver post was right….He said that Southern Primary polls tend to be off as much as 9% points….

The Israeli’s and the Turks have problems….

The Biggest Gun sometimes doesn’t work against non-violence…

Obama gets stuck here…

The BP saga isn’t gonna get better by criminalizing an accident WHILE you’re trying to solve the problem….

Harry Reid is starting to look good……

And the V-22 is good aircraft …..that has a bad…bad…rep……

And SE gets the PRIZE for his help here on the June 1st Special Primary Coverage!

Daniel is also given props for setting the coverage up and starting it off

Yoeman’s Job!

I know no one is gonna think so…..

But my Salt post is one of the most important ones I have done since I started this site…….

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Keep it up People!



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Open Thread for May 29nd…….

It is Memorial Day weekend…..

We here at the Dog would like to Salute all the Brave Warriors that went in harm’s way for our country…

Whether they believed in the cause they where fighting for is not the point..

They served…

And we….. As a country …….Should never forget their sacrifices…….

I Hope this weekend finds you with happiness and joy…

And we all hope the mud can do its trick!…..

Tuesday will be another Special Primary Day Coverage Evening….

Everybody here knows the Drill…


Keep those comments coming!

Ruff, Ruff, Ruff!

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Open Thread for May 18th…….

Today is the Gigantic Special Primary Day in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Oregon…..

This Post is going to be brief…..

Everyone wants space here for the next 24 hours…..

The Dog is HAPPY to announce that PoliticalDog 101 has passed 100,000 hits in 10 months!

We owe it all to our visitors and viewers out there who are part of the Dog pound!

And we are working at getting the Dog even better in the future!

Wether you catch us on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or as a subscriber ……or just while surfing the net’


Don’t be stranger’s!!!


And keep those comments coming….

They are what keeps us honest…and coming back for more!


The Dog wishes to Thank Daniel for all the Work he has done with the

last few Primary Coverage Special’s…..

I also wish to thank everyone for helping out…..

The next Primary Special will be June 1st when Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico go to the Polls.

Our Hawaii Coverage of the Special Election starts tomorrow Night at 11pm ET. Votes in Hawaii will be counted just after Midnight.

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Open Thread for May 15th…….

Another Weekend is upon us….

It’s been a quiet week here at the Dog…

That’s Ok…we all need the rest…

We look forward to Tuesday’s Political Primaries and our Special Coverage…..

We’re following the Kagan Supreme story……

And whole lot of other stuff……

We Welcome Oligrahkings to our family

The sign-ups for the Dog keep coming…..

And Thank you for looking in… Folks…..

Politics and Little bit of everything else!……

As usual…..

Keep the comments coming…..MORE….MORE….MORE!


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Daniel with Part 1,2 and 3 of the May 18 Primary Primer…… A Viewers Guide for Kentucky, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Oregon………..

Hello Folks!

Today is  “The Dogs” GIGANTIC Multiple State Primaries  ………..IT’S TIME to preview our “HOT RACES” for this May18th.

We’ll will have the “Special Election Night Results Thread” starting at 5pm ET on May 18th + GET READY FOR A POTENTIALLY VERY LONG NIGHT.

To keep EVERYBODY updated about those 4 States here is the Viewer Guide:

Kentucky (Bluegrass State): First Polls close at 6pm ET and all Polls will be closed at 7pm ET:

Two “Hot Races” here:

KY-SEN Republican Primary:

Establishment Candidate C. M. “Trey” Grayson vs. Challenger Dr. Randall “Rand” Paul

Will the Tea Parties claim another Scalp of Republicans? Republican Senate Minority Leader  Mitch McConnell (R-KY) handpicked Grayson for this Race, yet the Kentucky Secretary of State ran a horrible Campaign to date and didn’t really connect with Conservative Voters. Paul is leading in the Polls from anywhere between 10-15 Points.

I expect Paul to prevail over Grayson 45-35.

KY-SEN Democratic Primary:

Lt. Governor Daniel “Dr. Dan” Mongiardo vs. Attorney General Jack Conway

Mongiardo was endorsed by his Chief Governor Steve Beshear (D-KY) early on in this Campaign while Attorney General Conway ramped up the Washington Insider Endorsements from the DSCC and his two Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler. Auditor “Crit” Luallen endorsed him also. Both, Chandler and Luallen themselves briefly considered jumping into this Race. Conway was pretty much flat-footed until the Final Weeks of the Campaign and closed the early Polling Gap with Mongiardo.
Will it be enough?

Toss-Up Race for me. Impossible to predict a Winner. Race could go into the later Hours of the Evening. I will re-evaluate this Race over the coming Days.

KY 6th Congressional District (Incumbent Democrat A. B. “Ben” Chandler):

6 Republicans vying to face Chandler in the Fall with former Attorney & Congressional Aide Andy Barr (R-KY) looking the strongest Candidate. Until the Defeat of Rep. Mollohan in WV Chandler had little to fear. Now that Mollohan was defeated and KY-6 borders WV-1 this Seat could move in more competitive Regions.

I expect Barr to prevail over his 5 Challengers.

Daniel G.

Note:…….There are two more parts to the May 18 preview….check below…….

Daniel’s Page #2…….Link……..Pennsylvana and Oregon

Daniel’s Page #3…….Link……..Arkansas

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